Aluminium (Al)


Aluminium (meaning “bitter salt” in Latin; called Aluminum in the USA) is a bright-silver-coloured non-ferrous metal with characteristics of softness, ductility, durability conductivity and non-magnetism. Aluminium (chemical symbol Al) is after Oxygen and Silicon the third element on Earth in terms of abundance, the most abundant metal in the Earth’s crust (composing about 8% of its mass) and the most-widely used non-ferrous metal. With a global production exceeding 40 million tonnes a year, Aluminium is a lightweight metal with such key properties as a high resistance to corrosion, making it a vital resource for many applications. Already used by the ancient Greeks and Romans, aluminium experienced historical rises that brought it to be more valuable than gold during the XIX Century, being difficult to manufacture.


Aluminium is almost always alloyed with other metals to improve its mechanical properties and multiply its strength. Aluminium alloys are vital to the Automotive, Aerospace and Construction industries especially. Other fields of application are Food, Household, Lighting, Electronics, Pyrotechnics, etc. Aluminium’s importance for many industries is given by its recyclability and the fact it does not lose its natural properties after re-processing. Recycling of aluminium started growing in the late sixties, when beverage cans spread. 95% of the Aluminium employed for the production of vehicles in Europe is today secondary (recycled).


Aluminium Ingots, Sows & T-Bars: Pure Aluminium

Pure Aluminium: Al min. 99,5% | Al min. 99,7% | Al min. 99,7%E | Al min. 99,8% | etc.

Aluminium Ingots, Sows & T-Bars : Aluminium Alloys

Primary Aluminium: EN AB 21000- AlCu4MgTi | EN AB 42100 – AlSi7Mg | EN AB 43000 – AlSi10Mg | EN AB 44100 – AlSi12 | EN AB 48000 – AlSi12CuNiMg | EN AB 51100 – AlMg3 | EN AB 71000 – AlZn5Mg | etc.

Secondary Aluminium: EN AB 46000 – 226D – AlSi9Cu3 | EN AB 47100 – 231D – AlSi12Cu1 | EN AB 43400 – 239D – AlSi10Mg | EN AB 44300 – 230D – AlSi12 | etc.

Deoxidation Aluminium

Deoxidation Granules, Pyramides, Deoxidation Half-Balls, Deoxidation Ingots
Al min. 82% | Al min. 85% | Al min. 96% | Al min. 97% | etc.

Aluminium Billets

Secondary Billets: EN-AW 1070 | EN-AW 6060 | EN-AW 6061 | EN-AW 6063 | etc.

Aluminium Scrap

Aluminium Castings, Wheels, UBC Cans, Turnings, Profiles, Sheets, Wire, etc.